Unique Cbeyond characters come to life by personifying the four primary brand attributes of the company

Cbeyond wanted to create a campaign that personified each of their four primary brand attributes: security, efficiency, flexibility, and agility. To do so, we created the Allies, four superheroes that personify each of these attributes. Partnering with Dan Davis, Illustrator of Batman: the Brave and the Bold, Red Clay developed these personas top down (their attributes, skills and background stories) to create a robust experience across all marketing channels. As part of this project we also worked with MLT Creative, a direct mail agency, as we provided creative elements from our illustrations for their efforts, provided video (animation, scriptwriting and voiceover talent) for an augmented reality execution for postcards and email templates to be used as a 30 day touch campaign to reach each targeted individual in the campaign.

  • Creativity that engages customers
  • Marketing efforts that displayed all aspects of the company

cbeyond5Cbeyond Choose Your Ally - Home Page Cbeyond Choose Your Ally - Cost Cutter cbeyond5Cbeyond Choose Your Ally - Cost Cutter Hover Cbeyond Choose Your Ally - Cost Cutter

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