Oftentimes, online video ad success is based on click-through rates, but according to Vindico, completion rates are a better gauge of ad effectiveness. A study by TubeMogul proposes that participants exposed to a pre-roll video ad revealed higher brand awareness and message association than the control group. Similarly, the viewers who completed the ad had a larger lift among viewers.

Of those who were exposed to the ad, there was a 3.6% lift in brand awareness, a 0.1% increase in favorability, an 8.3% increase in message association, and a 2.4% boost in purchase intent or consideration. TubeMogul’s report defines “lift” as “the absolute difference between the percent of correct answers of exposed viewers and a control group.” “Correct answers” are ones that the brand desires and indicates a positive brand perception by the participant.

Pre-roll ads available for real-time bidding have increased in 2012 by 7.3% per month through September. The largest boost occurred in the past three months, averaging 323.6 million impressions per day. In addition, video ads have had the greatest lift in purchase intent for the electronics/computer (10.9%), online services (4.8%), entertainment (2.3%), and CPG (2.2%) market segments.

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