In sales and marketing, we want to ensure that we are actively optimizing ongoing growth. The question is what is the best frequency of marketing performance evaluation? According to MarketingSherpa’s Lead Generation Benchmark Survey, 33% of organizations evaluate performance of lead generation activities monthly in order identify opportunities for improvement. 24% of organizations will monitor quarterly, as well as 24% monitoring weekly. Only 12% of companies evaluate marketing performance daily and 7% annually. How often are you monitoring lead generation activity? Whatever your go-to method may be, make sure that your evaluation process is consistent in order to improve ROI and maximize revenue.

When breaking down the evaluation of performance, in this day and age, we have plenty of options to choose from. There comes a point where it can become overwhelming. MarketingSherpa surveyed which metrics are the most effective for evaluating the performance of your lead generation activities. According to the survey, 48% find return on investment (ROI) to be most important, followed by qualified lead volume at 40%, and cost per lead (CPL) to be third at 36%. See the chart below for the items that followed.

Despite the size of your business, performance metrics are important and you should focus on the metrics that influence key decisions in your marketing strategy and business goals.

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