alwaysbeclosingImagine this. Your sales person walks in to the office of a new prospect, walks them through every brochure you have, explains in detail every service and service level and then gets up and walk out. You ask why he never tries to take an order and he responds, “I left my business card with them, if they want to buy they have my number.” It is not hard to image that a salesperson such as this would not last very long. Why then do so many websites forget the ABCs of selling (Always Be Closing.)

In this day and age of search optimized websites, blogs, articles, etc. it is more important then ever for each page of your site to engage a user and prompt them to act. What good are site visitors if they never call, or at the very least give you their information so that you can follow-up? For most of us, website traffic doesn’t pay the bills so we must be acutely aware of our sites ability to convert traffic to business.

Your salespeople get regular performance evaluations, when was the last time your website (the only one of your salespeople who works 24/7 and never calls in sick) had to meet its numbers.

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