From time to time, we have days where the best news available is someone saving a cat out of a tree, rumors of Brett Favre’s retirement or photos of our staff all wearing v-neck shirts…but that’s not today. Over the past few days a number of major web related stories have broken that may have gotten lost in the shuffle or amongst your other RSS and Twitter feeds. Here they are:

On Wednesday, Google dropped “Google Wave,” a real-time collaboration platform that connected a user’s emails, photos, instant messaging, videos and more and allowed them to share with friends. Some of Red Clay Interactive’s staff were beta testers for this new tool, and honestly, thought it had some definite benefits. This article from eWeek discusses their thoughts on the ten reasons Google Wave failed.

Also on Wednesday, the New York Times broke a story that Verizon and Google were in discussions about allowing Verizon to charge website owners additional fees for their websites to load faster than others. This is a drastic change from Google’s previous position on Net Neutrality, the principle that states that users accessing content should have no restriction on the means on which they do so. Both Google and Verizon deny that they are looking to create a non-neutral web, however, they do say that they are trying to determine the true definition of “Net Neutrality.” For more information, read this story from PC World.

On Thursday, news broke that a group of conservative members of the social network site Digg were attempting to censor posts on Digg from progressive or liberal-leaning users. While I’ll refrain from discussing my political beliefs, censorship of any kind is unnecessary as web users should be able to decipher content and their opinions about it for themselves. The story originally broke on an anti-conservative website, however other news organizations like UK’s The Guardian and ABC News have picked up on the story. Read more on the story from The Guardian here.

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