According to a Yahoo news story, Adobe recently announced the release of Acrobat 9, the latest update to the popular software. Things got interesting, however, with the revelation that this new version will incorporate Flash. Thus, for the first time, PDFs created with Acrobat could include movies or other animation.

This couldn’t come at a better time for marketers looking to carry their message through growing online clutter. Charles King, a principal analyst with Pund-IT said, Acrobat 9 may allow users to create hybrid forms of advertising blending old-school and new-school advertising features. The ability to use a PDF in conjunction with Flash video would be a powerful tool.

Imagine the press release for your latest product, complete with a demonstration video embedded in the document. Or an annual report to your shareholders including a personal video message from the CEO, which can be easily distributed through e-mail. The combination of trusted forms of communication, merged with the next wave of interactivity, raises the ceiling for those creative enough to use them.

Creativity is more important than ever in today’s ad-saturated world. The marketer who can break free from the clutter is rewarded, while others just fade into the noise. But creativity is a powerful stick, and you can’t just throw it around. Thinking outside the box is great. Thinking so far removed from any box that it can’t be understood is bad. Adobe’s new tools enable you to do either.

Choose wisely.

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