It was an honor and a privilege to speak at this year’s ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management. The students were great and I absolutely look forward to having another opportunity to teach next year. Per request from a number of students at the school, I’ve posted my presentation (in PDF format) here.

Since I had been out of bank marketing for almost 5 years, I had no idea the struggles that banks were going through. Just like all industries, financial institutions are continuing to find themselves in an ever-evolving interactive space and just trying to keep up. Unfortunately, their hands continue to be tied with further regulation that affects their ability to both market and succeed.

Many industry experts believe that banks were the easy target to blame in the recent financial crisis and thus, are now well over-regulated which will hinder their growth and even more so, the global economic turnaround. Suffice to say, between a changing web environment and and intense regulation, bank marketers have a lot to consider in putting together their marketing plans.

I hope the information that I provided Sunday was helpful and that banks can use that to strengthen their own business cases on why interactive is critical to success.

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  1. Thank you, Nick. You provided a buffet’s worth of information in an appetizer time-frame (an appropriate analogy given the dinner venue) at the SBMM. Thank you also for sharing your presentation.

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