A Compete study revealed that the average Pinterest user is similar to the overall US internet population in age demographics. The largest age range(66%) is 35+ years of age. LinkedIn has the oldest average user base, with an average consumer aged  44 years old, and 79% aged 35+. Slightly younger users are found on Yelp (42 years), Facebook (40 years), and Flickr (40 years).

In contrast, the average Twitter user age has decreased by 2 years to 37 years. The lowest average age range reported was deviantART (29 years). Other social media sites with low average consumer ages are Hacker News (30 years), Orkut (32 years),Github (32 years), Reddit (34), Tumblr (35 years), and Twitter (37 years). Marketers should be aware of average user age when considering how to best reach their customers.

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